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How to Insulate Your Home Naturally

When choosing insulating materials for your home or building, the options are more numerous than they first appear.


A visit to the hardware store will yield only a few options: foam board, fiberglass rolls, and perhaps spray foam. These materials, although widely available, contain many synthetic chemicals that you may not want to have in your home or around your family.


If you’re attempting to construct your building with all-natural materials, these conventional options may seem disheartening. But don’t lose hope!


There are several eco-friendly, chemical-free alternatives for insulating your home that will be effective and safe for both you and your family.




The first option we’ll explore is sheep’s wool.

Sheep live in some of the harshest and coldest climates in the world. They thrive there because they have a thick coat of wool that has natural properties to retain heat, even when damp. You’ll often find native sheep living high in the mountains, where it is extremely wet and cold, and yet they’re perfectly content.


For the same reasons that sheep’s wool does a great job protecting sheep from weather conditions, a roll of wool insulation will do wonders to insulate your home. 


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